Orel Brodt


Orel Brodt is a young upcoming artist with in-depth experience in fashion, textiles, and color. In her work, Orel takes the threads and fabrics from her design world, translating them into strong brush strokes and weaves them together with bold, bright, exuberant colors that express the many layers truly consisting of the human spirit.


Breaking out from a tree, we see strong, resilient female figures in vivid colors that transport the viewer through a journey of new beginnings. Throughout the ages, people looked to trees to feed not only the flesh but to nurture the spirit and mind. The figures stemming from the roots are deeply grounded, growing through the heart center of the tree of life. The branches of hair reaching toward the sky signify our limitless potential.


The desire to summon herself with colorful creations and the message to lift the spirits in order to survive emotionally gives us the happiness we are all looking for. Spring awakes nature with spots and currents of incredible complexion participating in the dance of color and shapes, Orel is creating a unique VIBE.

Selected Works


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