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Lilienthal Gallery is happy to showcase four Israeli women artists expressing their skills of traditional roles and ways in a cutting-edge artistic direction. As women, our historic and traditional role was concentrated in and around the house. Feminine ancient proficiencies like cooking, weaving, setting the table for meals, etc. are being taken forward into the modern ART world as artistic and aesthetic expression. Craftsmanship is undergoing a change with new ideas that merge into art, giving birth to new standards.

From a place of artisan capacity, these intensive works of art are showing besides artistic dimensions and creativity, the element of time and effort. Standing on the feminine power of the past, giving it its respect, the works are breaking out from the kitchen or the sewing room. The ancient mosaic work is being taken from the floor to the wall creating its own importance as an artwork and a standard of female freedom. The eggs are being taken from the kitchen garbage can up to create a magnificent “cloud-like” artwork. The threads – from the loom, the dishes – from the table, all are taken out of daily context and into a special artistic expression.

In today’s times, especially after the covid pandemic, the world is witnessing the need to appreciate and respect the human touch and the protective calm environment of the home. The four artists, each in her own way, take the traditional female skills and use them to express ideas about femininity, motherhood, family, and creativity. From the tension between the daily chores and the magic and holiness of the female roles, they find new meanings and a new understanding of life.

Without “burning bras” in order to burn the past, our women are standing tall on the pedestal of the past and looking towards the future with their special fingerprints, craft, womanhood, roles and art. 

Lilienthal Gallery's
Winter Show
Transcending Traditions

Start Date

December, 2022

End Date

February, 2022


23 Emory Place
Knoxville, TN 37917

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