Ilana Lilienthal, a world-renowned artist known for her kinetic sculpaintings, has opened a new gallery in Jupiter, Florida. This innovative hub for art and culture is intended to help people remove themselves from the cold and distant world of technology. When people interact mainly through cyberspace, we all need to have a place to return to our roots. For that end, Lilienthal hopes to provide a center for us to reconnect with our humanity in the digital age.

Hence the art of self-expression is the magnetism that draws us together in this honest, physical space. Featured artists include Dominick Lewis, Eri-Kato, Marcia Moore, Orel Brodt and Lilienthal herself, and the list continues to grow. Lilienthal’s philosophy is that everyone has a unique perspective to offer, no matter their background. Therefore both young, emerging artists and mature, established creators are welcome here. The exchanging of artistic ideas across generations of experience builds an environment especially rich with inspiration and creativity of spirit. 

Gallery Exhibitions

The Lilienthal Gallery’s debut exhibition Opening Show, delighted us with this very diversity. Visual studies born from research on Native American tribes, stunning works featuring women and nature, and breathtaking natural landscapes are a sharp contrast to the raw depictions of urban life. The works of Marcia Moore, Joseph Ashman, Orel Bodt, and Lilienthal create a showcase that thrives on Lilienthal’s founding theme.

By the same token, the current exhibition Summer Show has proven to be just as tantalizing in diversity of material. Focusing on Lilienthal’s acrylic resins and fiberglass sculptures, her astounding large-scale wall installations incorporate moving elements of painted glass, resin, fiber optics and crystals. Her masterful use of mixed media invokes an energy that elevates and awes the viewer. It is an amazing experience of light and shapes that you simply can’t miss this season.