The Lilienthal Gallery is proud to introduce our newest artist, Boris Tyomkin. Currently residing in California, the Russian-born painter has showcased in galleries and exhibitions from Los Angeles to New York. He also lists three awards for his masterful oil-painting techniques among his vast accomplishments.

Tyomkin’s gifts are not singular to his family, however. His grandfather, Illya Tyomkin, was an artist in the Soviet Union. Tyomkin credits his grandfather’s landscapes and portraits for fostering his early fascination with art. As an adult his first art teacher, Leonid Steele, was another profound influence. Tyomkin trained under Steele for four years, and the experience turned his interests toward the art of the nineteenth century.

Both mentors had a lasting impact on the development of his style. Moving beyond his inspirations, the themes of his recent work today are a doubled-sided mirror. Tyomkin uses paint to unveil the thin lines between reality and mirage. His work reveals the theatricality of life, and hence dispels illusions projected by society.

The collection Rococo Masquerade highlights this very spectacle. Garish reality and the mask it wears dance along the canvases of this series. Tyomkin spotlights a lost era whose decadence and ennui still haunt the present. His paintings take us to a time characterized by the whims of the beau monde, a period of history that was at once refined and frivolous.

Boris Tyomkin’s work is featured right here on the gallery website, and will also be traveling with us to Art Basel’s Red Dot art fair this year. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the phenomenal pieces of this collection!