Adán Luis López Alemán

Adán López Alemán is a Spanish expressionist artist, who was born in 1988 in Gran Canaria. Currently living and working in Valencia, Spain, he uses the term “Soul Paintings” to describe his artwork. In his own words:

“To explain what soul paintings are, I have so start by telling you about ‘the collision’, a term that I use to describe the moment where portraits come alive. When it comes to painting portraits, it’s more than just about the technique that you use. For me, portrait painting is not painting a face, it’s about painting a soul.

This is also the reason why he loves painting people. There is a story behind every look, and his challenge every time he paints is to capture that story and tell it to the viewer. To this end, ink is his preferred medium. Adán finds it to be the most impactful storyteller in delivering the desired mood. Having previous experience with watercolors, it was a natural step to developing his own style—an academic way of drawing mixed with loose expressionist strokes.

It is this combination of realism and abstraction that creates the atmosphere that is so characteristic in his paintings. As he is a multidisciplinary artist, we can see different techniques such as watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, pastel and Chinese ink in his artwork.