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Eszter BornemiszaAlke Reeh, and Martha Rieger

Exhibition Curators
Ilana Lilienthal, Tally Ben Sira & Anat Ahouvi-Baruch

Metamorphosis is a familiar occurrence in nature, as the changing seasons bring leaves from vibrant greens to the subdued, regal hues of ochre, amber, and earth tones. Nature evolves silently before one’s eyes, a constant process of metamorphosis. Like a breath held in anticipation, the moment before transition is pregnant with possibility and quiet vitality. 
The very change itself holds an extraordinary power– energetic hope and new life. These works, made with raw materials, are suspended on the precipice of blossoming, encapsulating hibernation, transformation, and rebirth.
Eszter Bornemisza creates her own fiber from plants, Martha Rieger connects to the Earth through clay and ropes, and the structure of Alke Reeh’s folding and unfolding is reminiscent of a butterfly’s wings emerging from a cocoon.

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