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VIBE: Textile, Thread, and Color

Gili Avissar, Gittit Alexandra Fridberg, Maria Merfeld, Carl Gombert, Joseph Ashman & Orel Brodt

Exhibition Curators
Ilana Lilienthal, Tally Ben Sira & Anat Ahouvi-Baruch

With the presence of color, textiles, and thread in our cultures, it seems necessary to examine the roles and roots of these materials in creating the process of art. This colorful and energetic exhibition features the work of six artists ( men and women from Israel & Knoxville, TN).

Through a combination of colorful paintings and textiles, themes of healing, duality, and more – human experience and rituals are explored. These artists exemplify a deep connection to the spiritual and natural world and encourage us to find a place for our inner Vibe.

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