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Lilienthal Gallery presents its first exhibition in Knoxville showcasing a taste of some of our internationally acclaimed artists. Compromising a mix of mediums including acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, collages, and oil painting as well as styles from figurative to abstract.

We focus on large-scale artwork that makes a huge impact on a space, creating communication with the viewer of the space and the artwork.

This group show will exhibit artworks from Spain, Hungary, the USA, Israel, and Japan.

We recognize artists of different ages and cultures. We see our mission in providing an interactive platform between artists, cultures, races, genders, and the public, opening the door for a multicultural experience accessible to all…

Enhancing this collaborative culture, we offer to contribute to the city a new flare of art scene and ideas to empower, inspire and enrich the lives of our community.

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23 Emory Place, Knoxville, TN 37917

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