The Lilienthal Gallery strives to support and empower both mature and emerging artists. We believe exposure to diversity of style, technique and experience enhances creativity and opens the floor for illuminating conversation in the art community. Featuring both renowned and debut artists, with roots in Russia, Japan, Morocco, Israel and the United States, this show not only encompasses this belief, but takes us on an unforgettable visual journey.

Boris Tyomkin transports us through canvas and into the ennui of the Rococo era. Eri Kato explores the twisting, hidden passages woven into cardboard sculptures. Gianfranco Tomassetti’s ink drawings reveal the deeper intricacies of the subject’s inner realm, presenting people and ideas in a fresh and intriguing way. Orel Brodt and Ilana Lilienthal use their paintings to tell a story about womanhood, the female figure, and how they reflect the spirit within nature and ourselves. Youssef El Kharrib takes playful Moroccan graffiti off the walls, using traditional pigments to translate this colorful street culture to canvas.

Art Basel & Red Dot Miami have an amazing energy and we were proud to be a part of it. So much so that we brought the show back to our home base in Jupiter for those who weren’t able to attend, and inviting everyone to engage with and discuss the pieces with us. 

Boris Tyomkin

Eri Kato

Gianfranco Tomassetti

Ilana Lilienthal

Orel Brodt

Youssef El Kharrib