This summer we are please to announce a show of lilienthals acrylics resins and fiberglass sculptures using mostly transparent materials, Lilienthal is building large scale wall elements and sculptures from resins fiber optics glass paints crystals and the mix media the wall elements are swiveling around their center the light is shining through while creating an energy coming towards the viewer and the same time penetrating through the element to the wall.
The sculptures are partly free standing and partly hanging from the ceiling some are sculpted chandeliers, art-chairs art-tables and other objects.
Please visit our gallery for an amazing experience of light and shapes that you never saw the show will be on through the summer.
 -Ilana Lilienthal

Resins, glass colors
4′ diameter 

Resin and acrylics
7′ by 6′


Fire Central Element
Resin and acrylics
7′ by 8′

Strength detail

Resins and mix media
1′ by 8′

Standing Candalabrium
Iron, resin, gold wire and swarowsky crystals
5.5′ by 3′

 The Dancers
Resin, chains, frames
length of chain vary actual element 3.5′

The Dancers detail

Light Balls
Resin and acrylic with fiber optics

Resins, fiberoptics, wires, glass, paints, and beads
3′ by 7′
Joy Detail

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Open Tues – Sat, 11 am – 4 pm

Or by appointment.


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