Dominick Lewis

Never having the opportunity to study photography or take a single class. Dominick is a completely self-taught photographer, he taught himself how to shoot and develop film in his college dorm before dropping out to pursue a full-time career as a photographer.

Exploring classic photography methods Dominick’s photography covers a wide variety of subjects and makes it an effort to never leave the house without one. Lewis uses photography as a form of communication. Communicating fears, interests, and dreams into his work. His work is a visual map of his brain.


Mamiya RB67, Ilford Delta 3200

Power Struggle
Mamiya RB67, Ilford Delta 3200 

Mamiya RB67, Ilford Delta 3200


Melted Road
Mamiya RB67, Kodak Tri-X 400


Taxi Driver
La Habana, Cuba
Mamiya RB67, Arista Edu 400


Ice Cream Man
La Habana, Cuba
Mamiya RB67, Arista Edu 100


Angel in the Garden
Nikon F3, Arista Edu 400

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