Adán López Alemán is a Spanish expressionist artist, who has exhibited his work throughout Europe. Working with mixed techniques and materials; watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels, and ink, Adan is transforming the subject matter into a symphony of expression and movement.

His “soul paintings” capture personality, soul, and storyline in each portrait. In a combination of realism and expressionism, an atmosphere or mood is created that is characteristic in his work.

When he embarks on the artistic process when painting a new portrait, at a certain moment, the presence of the person portrayed becomes inevitable. That point at which the change occurs from being a canvas that has pigment deposited on it, to being a person with a soul who is present in my studio, he calls “The Collision”. 

For Alemán, a portrait is not about painting a face, it is about painting the soul. “If I only tried to portray the features of a face or the forms of a body, the viewer would never be moved by my work. The key is to transmit an emotion, a feeling. First, you have to feel the work and then you can understand it. It is this approach that I always try to make with each work I create.”

Portraiture and the moving figure are dominating his artistic career. References from the inner being and the struggle in life, are the resulting alchemy of originality that makes it all a thoughtful experience. Lopez’s colorful black and white portraits are playing behind a “social mask”, opening the eyes, searching for the truth.

In his figure painting, we can feel the breeze and hear the wind moving through the bodies trying to hold on.

The work of Adán López Alemán has been exhibited at Lilienthal Gallery for their opening show and will be featured in a solo show in spring 2025.