Just Two Years in Knoxville’s Art Scene and Already Shaping its Cultural Landscape

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Knoxville, Tennessee, nestled in the heart of the Appalachian region, has long been a haven for artists seeking inspiration and community. Over the past decade and a half, the city has witnessed a remarkable evolution in its art scene, culminating in a vibrant and diverse community that thrives on creativity and innovation.

Photorealism: Yigal Ozeri Opens Exhibition in Knoxville, TN

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The New York gallerist Ethan Cohen, a major supporter of Ozeri’s work, also visited the gallery for the opening of the exhibition Photorealism. Ozeri’s work belongs to the line of aesthetic research of American photorealism. […] The eyes of charming and sensual women compel deep emotional tones of poetry and evoke historical artwork of the old masters.

Lilienthal Gallery set to host meditative yoga session in interactive exhibition space

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“The yoga event is relatively new – this will be our second time – and we felt it fit in very well with our current themes of flow and slow-mastering a brushstroke,” Ferguson said. “Each of the artists mentioned all go into a kind of meditative state as they work, and they also want their viewers to experience a sense of peace, tranquility, and reflection while viewing.

It speaks to gallery owner Ilana Lilienthal’s desire to bring diverse cultural “tastes” to the palette of Knoxville.


Lilienthal Gallery Presents Winter Exhibition, “Flow: Mastering a Brushstroke,” Opening Tonight

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Taken as a group, the collection intends to mirror “the natural world by balancing simplicity and complexity, color and form, space and non-space, to create a reflective animation of spirit.”


A Cultural Kaleidoscope: Enjoy High Art at Lilienthal Gallery

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“I wanted to bring to Knoxville an art scene that people haven’t experienced yet. I’m not showing things you use to decorate your house. I want to attract collectors,” says Ilana. “Most of my artists have collections all over the world. If you buy from my gallery, you know the piece is going to double in value in a few years.”

Dogwood Arts House and Garden Show

Dogwood Arts

Artist Ilana Lilienthal’s abstract chandeliers featured in the Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show.

Downtown footprint could expand with creative business community planned for Emory Place

Knoxville News Sentinel

Ilana Lilienthal’s work has been displayed around the world, and the space would be named Lilienthal Gallery. International artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work in the gallery, with a section of the basement dedicated as workspace and classroom space for artist mentoring.

KMA Aquires Two Yigal Ozeri Artworks Unveiled at Lilienthal Gallery Event

Knoxville Museum of Art

The Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA) is proud to announce the recent acquisition of two oil paintings by renowned artist Yigal Ozeri. The works were unveiled to the public for the first time during a special event held at Lilienthal Gallery attended by art collectors, enthusiasts, and members of the local community. Guests had the chance to admire the artworks up close and hear Ozeri discuss his artistic process and inspiration.

Lilienthal Gallery: New York-based, Smithsonian-Collected Photorealist Artist Yigal Ozeri, Exhibition “Photorealism” Opens March First

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Collaborating with local arts and culture organizations throughout the region to grow the Knoxville arts community, this unique contemporary art space is woman owned and operated. Ilana Lilienthal opened the gallery in 2021 and is developing Emory Place to be an arts and culture hub.

When An Artist’s Dreams Come True with Ilana Lilienthal, Artist and Gallery Owner in Knoxville, Tennessee

Art on World, Italy

Art is the soul that awakens the area, so by purchasing Emory Place, internationally renowned artist Ilana Lilienthal initiated a mjor cultural project that aims to transform the city of Knoxville, Tennessee into a major center of art and culture. To learn more about this remarkable entrepreneur, we met in pleasant conversation with her.


Where to Spend Christmas in Tennessee


If you love exploring a vibrant local art and food scene when you travel to a new city, Knoxville is theplace to visit this holiday season. […] If you’re looking to peruse unique artwork, pay a visit to the Lilienthal Gallery. The high-end art gallery showcases local and nationally acclaimed artists.

“Metamorphosis” Debuts at Lilienthal Gallery

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The thematic focus is on changing of the seasons, whether in nature or in our personal lives. Colors change as a quiet evolution happens, portending something different. These artists make extensive use of earth tones and their work focuses on the power and energy of change.

The exhibition, as always, is challenging, interesting, and quite a bit different from the norm. It’s worth exploring and tonight offers the first opportunity to do so.

Lilienthal Gallery brings international artists to Knoxville

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Lilienthal Gallery brings world-renowned international artwork to East Tennessee by curating shows that spotlight other cultures. With a welcoming atmosphere and classes to inform the public, the Lilienthal Gallery hopes to expand upon the thriving art community within the region.

Artist Ilana Lilienthal Appreciates That Not Everything is Black and White


Ilana Lilienthal’s diverse and layered art style instigated a lot of excitement during the latest Art Basel Miami, with collectors and art enthusiasts impressed with her technique. Combining street art, culture and religion with acrylic, she utilizes canvas on canvas, paper, charcoal and pencils, all of which marry in a distinctive and fresh way.

Lilienthal Gallery: Changing the Art Scene in Knoxville, What you can excpect on the Horizon in East TN

Living East TN, WATE TV

Lilienthal Gallery is helping to shape a new kind of art scene here in Knoxville and bringing experiences like never before. Positioned in Emory Place, this area is a hub for arts and culture; Ilana Lilienthal bought this area with the vision of it as a center for women-owned creative businesses. Today, she is seeing that vision fulfilled.

Knoxville Museum of Art Acquires Two Yigal Ozeri Paintings

Arts Knoxville

The Knoxville Museum of Art has announced its recent acquisition of two oil paintings by Yigal Ozeri, the photorealist painter currently enjoying an exhibition at the Lilienthal Gallery in Knoxville. The works, entitled “James Baldwin” and “Untitled; Sonia” are additions to the KMA’s contemporary painting collection joining other works by photorealist artists.

Internationally Renowned Artist Yigal Ozeri Brings Works to Lilienthal Gallery

Inside of Knoxville

Yigal’s artistic journey started with a focus on abstraction, but he soon found himself drawn to works by realist artists, such as Andrew Wyeth, and realistic works by artists such as Chuck Close. His life work became photorealism with a focus on portraiture, often of young women in natural settings. More recently, his attention has turned to scenes from New York City and scenes including Americana.

Alumni Stories: Anthony Huang featured in group exhibition at Lilienthal Gallery

Savannah College of Art and Design

Anthony Huang (M.F.A., illustration, 2021) offers colorful, abstract landscapes in the group exhibition, Flow: Mastering a Brushstroke, on view through February at Lilienthal Gallery in Knoxville, Tenn. Huang’s process involves painting or drawing onto a surface matrix, then transferring the original image through monotypes and lithography to create a unique print.

Connecting Threads: Gittit Alexandra Fridberg’s Textile Art Exhibition in the States

Shenkar School of Design and Engineering

Artist Gittit Fridberg featured in international article highlighting her work abroad.

An Art Lover’s Guide to Knoxville

The Scout Guide

Lilienthal Gallery is listed as one of the top art destinations in the city.

Lilienthal Gallery Celebrates Spring Exhibition with Splashes of Color 

Inside of Knoxville

As with all the exhibitions at the gallery, Vibe challenges conceptions of art incorporating more traditional forms with multi-layered works that require more thought. The event itself featured music and dance, incorporating a wider range of senses. The six featured artists challenge limits in their own way whether by the subject matter include, the blend of the ancient with pop culture, or the construction of sculpture with non-traditional materials.

Lilienthal Gallery Takes Art Basel Miami


Attracting over 38,000 attendees, including several high-net-worth collectors, this prestigious art fair boasts an itinerary for art labs, talks and spotlight galleries. Ilana Lilienthal, Boris Tyomkin, Eri-Kato, Gianfranco Tomassetti, and Orel Brodt will be the presenting artists. Their works are taken from urban life, innerscapes, Baroque and Rococo inspirations, and paper cuttings.


The Lilienthal Gallery strives to enhance the culture of Knoxville by contributing to a collaborative culture in the art scene and ideas to empower, inspire and enrich the lives of our community. Below are the organizations with which Lilienthal Gallery has collaborated with for local events.