Joseph Ashman


Israeli-born artist, Joseph Ashman, started late in life. Working with oil colors on canvas, Ashman paints the landscape of the holy land as he experienced it in different stages. With a vivid color palette, the landscape changes its inner movement, portraying the moods the country is experiencing as events are occurring (wars, existence, peace).

We see the explosion of ideas, feelings, experiences, and beliefs as we take a walk into Ashman’s paintings. Painting landscapes, the artist strives to feel complete with nature, as nature brings the potential of life-giving food and medicine.

The multidimensional subject lends itself to a variety of artistic sensibilities. The “psyche” or “soul” of nature is mixed with Joseph’s experience and emotions, stirring acknowledgment of the character of life itself. Bringing us a message about the healing power of nature and its colors.

…” then God said- let the land burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant. and let there be trees that grow seed-bearing fruits… and so it was…”
Bible Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 11

Selected Works


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