Gittit Fridberg is a textile artist who explores the intricate relationship between fashion and art. With an education from Shenkar school and a background in fashion design, her artistic practice centers around thread and color. The thread that built the fabric becomes the primary independent material in her work.

Gittit’s recent works were inspired by the beauty of a flowering garden in spring, representing rebirth and growth. Sitting and living in the “wild garden,” the artist drew her inspiration from the contrast between wild and groomed, quiet and storms – distinctions that are the building blocks of life. The thread becomes a vital connector between fabric, people, and ideas. Combining the history of spooling threads with machine work, using technology to merge past and present.

Fridberg’s art involves repurposing lightweight threads, traditionally used for brushes and brooms, combined into sculptural forms through elastic materials that shrink, stretch and give the appearance of three-dimensional shapes. Her work is a stunning combination of history, art, and innovation, weaving together the threads that connect us all. Through the shared usage of handwork and mechanical techniques, Gittit pushes the potential of art into new directions.