Edna Segev is a mosaic artist and designer who owns and operates a private studio in Israel where she creates works and teaches providing a wide variety of workshops for new and advanced students in the field of Mosaic art. She designs and creates her personal works, commissions private works, and creates public architectural projects.

Mosaic is her medium, like the brush and paints for the painter, such are the cutter and stones for her. Her mosaic creations are therapeutic works of art, in which she creates a wholeness from segments, thus gaining her piece of mind.

She has been engaged in the world of mosaics for almost 23 years. In recent years, she found her voice by presenting different women from different cultures at different ages, covering and revealing their chests – each one in their own way of concealment. Her work was exhibited in Transcending Traditions.

“I wanted to give a uniform language to the project. I chose a uniform white stone color and filled the grooves with shades of gray. The focus is on the small nuances that create the uniform language and the attention to detail. The eye focuses on light and shadow, on the movement of the stone that creates the female body. The color does not steal the show from the story that each woman chooses to tell about herself. The story of every woman tells a whole world, where everything is allowed and everything is possible, where a woman has the right to her body, to her feelings, and her opinions.”