Hai-Jiang’s oil paintings explore a nexus point between traditional Eastern landscapes and sublime Western traditions. His artistic expression seeks truth in tranquility and depth in simplicity. Sweeping, angular brushwork manifests a particular untamed vitality that is inherent to the natural wilderness and characteristic of the far-reaching and expansive spirit of Chinese art.

Hai-Jiang’s intricate arrangements are rough and rugged, while maintaining a certain fluidity, rhythm, and flow, resulting in a colorful play of subtle juxtapositions and showcasing two distinctive styles. The first style finds visage in the ink presentation through adept techniques like double hook strokes, texture strokes, dotting, splashing, and breaking the ink which creates a balance of both abstract and concrete qualities, resulting in an elegant spatial interplay. The second seamlessly integrates ink and color to reveal the artist’s unique aesthetic perceptions. Through conscious movement and modern sensory impressionism, his flowing brushwork and shifting hues are intense yet graceful and brightly self-illuminating.

Born in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Guo Hai-Jiang discovered a profound love for painting at an early age and has since committed his life to artistic creation, devoting countless years to the tranquil pursuit of truth and subtle exploration of existential wisdom. With a Bachelor’s degree from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (1988), Hai-Jiang draws from the lineage of traditional painting and the innovation of contemporary art to compose works of a passionate interplay between ink and color.

Tsubakiyama Gallery, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China