Ilana Lilienthal

After a long career and many exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide, concentrating and exploring different materials like acrylics, polymers, fiberglass and light reflecting materials, creating an oversized sculpture Lilienthal is coming back to traditional use of pastels, chalks, acrylic paint, and collages.

Dancing between black & white portraits  to colorful collages describing our urban life. Lilienthal is becoming more personal in her new approach to the world. Her work transporting us beyond our self imposed frontiers into an inner feeling and understanding of the world we live in.

Selected Works

The Breast Plates detail
Resin, Acrylics and Mix media.
10′ by 10′

Resins and Acrylics
7′ by 6′

Ying and Yang
Resin, Wires and 5karat Amethyst
4′ diameter

Ying & Yang detail

Resin and Glues
3′ diameter

Drops detail

Fire @ 2
Resind, Gold wire, and Garnets
2′ by 3′

Light ball #5
Resins, Wires, Fiberoptics, and Glass
5′ by 5′

Resins, Fiberoptics, Wires and Crystals
3′ by 7′

Joy Detail

Planed Ceiling Elements

Light Element #5 and Glass Wall

Light Ball #5 Detail

Chair and Light Element in Blue Sticker on Window

Woman in the Blue Room
Acrylic, pastels, chalk, and paper collage on canvas 72″x72″

Acrylic, pastels, chalk, and paper collage on canvas 72″x72″

Despite the Apple
Acrylic and mixed media on foam board 49.5″x86.5″

Acrylic, pastels, chalk, and paper on foam board 49.5″x86.5″

The Three Brodettes
Acrylic, chalk, and wires on canvas 49.5″x86.5″

The Kiss
Acrylic, pastels, chalk, and paper on canvas 37″x50″

365 Tequesta dr

Jupiter Florida, 33414

T. (305) 606-1180



Monday-Friday: 11:00AM – 5:00PM
Weekends by appointment only
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