Joseph Ashman

Joseph Ashman, an Israeli born artist, who uses his work to take us for a stroll through the scenic pastorals of his homeland. His traditional oil color palettes are influenced by the light, music, and spices of the earth. Ashman is skilled at conveying the inner emotion of these landscape as a mature artist, however his hand mixing technique lends a primitive naivety to these sophisticated pieces. The people and diversity of feelings, as well as the movement of natural elements, come together in harmony on his canvases like fresh, new life tilled in the ancient soils and souls of the Holy Land Israel. Joseph’s skill level is well beyond his experience as he dedicated his life to painting only after retirement at age 65. He cultivated his life experiences and interpreted them into expression through his artwork. He has exhibiting his work mainly in Tel Aviv, however Lilienthal Gallery acquired Joseph Ashman’s exclusive representation internationally. 

Landscapes in Oil