Ziva Ben-Arav Rabinovitch’s techniques are taken from women’s activities in the kitchen while her ceramic decoration is similar to that of icing a cake. This technique is expressed through the process of putting clay in a plastic sandwich bag and drizzling it through a hole. The form of her ceramic work reflects memories of her past such as sand castles on the beach, sewing threads, or stalactites that can be found in salt caves. She is always striving for a perfect beauty as delicately as possible that touches viewers and acts as a prayer saying, “Please don’t break” & “Please don’t fall apart.” She pushes the elements to their limit, building upon that destruction – creating a new whole new identity.

“I believe the largest role in my life is motherhood which gives me a holy and blessed feeling.” The daily life of unending chores, cleaning, and washing dishes clashes with creativity and the soul. Ben-Arav finds herself starting a conversation with the day-to-day house materials as they best represent her life. The dining table is her studio where she creates artworks and installations. Always using different materials: tea bags, sewing threads, egg shells, and salt. With every material used,  the artist starts researching and collaborating with the elements to better form them into an art piece. Trying to bring the daily materials and give them a new identity. The sewing thread connects and holds pieces together like the great mother that holds her family together.

The white brings simple daily life to a place of magic. The white represents purity and holiness. Again, putting together broken parts to create a sheet that represents the thin almost invisible thread of life. A sheet of daily life as she climbs into the divine.