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Lilienthal Gallery is happy to showcase four Israeli women artists expressing their skills of traditional roles and ways in a cutting-edge artistic direction. As women, our historic and traditional role was concentrated in and around the house. Feminine ancient proficiencies like cooking, weaving, setting the table for meals, etc. are being taken forward into the modern ART world as artistic and aesthetic expression. Craftsmanship is undergoing a change with new ideas that merge into art, giving birth to new standards.

Current Exhibition

Transcending Traditions


Ziva Ben-Arav Rabinovitch, Ziva Wagner Epstein, Edna Segev & Dvora Morag

Exhibition Curators

Ilana Lilienthal, Tally Ben Sira & Anat Ahovey Baruch

Public Gallery Hours

Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm or by Appointment

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